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Candle to Wine Glass

How to turn your Rosé Glow candle into a wine glass: 


Step 1:  Buy Rosé Glow candle

Step 2:  Enjoy Rosé Glow candle

Step 3:  When candle has 1cm of wax remaining in the glass, pour out the wax (into the bin or into a wax warmer)

Step 4:  Remove excess wax by running warm water throughout the glass

Step 5:  Remove wick (it will easily pull out)

Step 6:  Using a scrubbing brush, dishwashing liquid and warm water, clean the glass

Step 7:  Dry wine glass

Step 8:  Open a bottle of wine

Step 9:  Pour wine into your Rosé Glow wine glass

***Warning: Remember that this is glass so do not apply different temperatures to the glass while cleaning eg stick to hot water, stay away from cold***